By an Iron Lady Golfer on our Ireland 2019 Adventure Trip.

I have just returned from an amazing trip to Ireland.   I expected it would be an exciting golf trip on remarkable links courses, but it turned out to be much more.  

The trip was organized and delivered entirely by Lindsay Knowlton, of Iron Lady Golf.  It consisted of travel by private coach exploring coastal areas and playing at a sampling of extraordinary links golf courses along the north, east and south western coastlines of Ireland.   We saw spectacular natural scenery during our travels, and went on several astonishingly beautiful long hikes that should be on everyone’s bucket list.   

The accommodation and restaurant selections hand picked by Lindsay were also superb, each representing the unique attributes of the different regions of Ireland that we visited.  

This was my first experience travelling as part of a woman’s trip.  Our group was diverse in terms of our golfing and travel experience, but we shared from the outset a common desire to embrace this adventure and to stretch ourselves with new challenges.  It was wonderful to experience the support and friendship of a group of women embarked on this adventure together, led by the forever cheerful and capable leadership and encouragement of Lindsay.   We are all grateful for the opportunity to have shared this experience and for the new friendships made.   

Lindsay is a remarkable young woman and she revealed herself to be so much more than a golf instructor on this trip — hers is an example of the type of company that should succeed in this competitive and male dominated field —- because she has an unparalleled passion for golf, for women supporting women, and for adventure travel.   Combine this with the natural beauty and charm of Ireland, and it adds up to a trip of a lifetime!


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