For a long time I remember wanting to go on a yoga retreat. I was always scared – thinking “I don’t know anyone and don’t want to feel silly sitting alone”, or “what if I don’t get along with the other participants”, or really any other crazy thought that might have potentially crossed your mind certainly crossed mine!

Then one day about 4 years ago I did it…I decided to stop shying away and lean into these fears and go. Going on that yoga retreat was one of the best experiences of my life. I met new friends, pushed my comfort zone, learned new skills and came away with so many memories.

To date, we have run 11 Iron Lady Golf Retreats with 4 planned for 2019. Through these retreats we look to create that same amazing experience. All trips are built around fun, learning and connection. The retreats feature learning clinics in the morning (usually 1 hour) followed by playing lessons on course. The locations are carefully selected and programs built to great create memorable experiences. Whether coming on your own or traveling with friends, everyone is welcome. On each retreat, we always emphasize that you are welcome to take part in as much or as little as you like – this is your vacation!

I hope you will join us on one of our future trips! For more information or if you have questions, please email [email protected]